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$800.00 - Starter Pack

$2000.00 - Special Event Pack

$4800.00 - Full Design Pack

Negotiable - Retainer Pack

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What determines the cost of a design project?

1. The Scope
Some design projects are quicker and require less time such as business cards or simple flyers,
but other projects like a logo design or illustrative work require research and take more time.

2. The Number of Design Solutions
In general, my proposals include 3 different design solutions, but these can always be increased
or decreased to match your budget and your needs. Of course, more solutions means that
more design time is required.

3. The Number of Rounds of Revisions
I don’t expect my clients to just accept the very first strategy presented without any changes. 
Design ideas can and will evolve throughout the course of a project. This is why I always include
2 or 3 rounds of revisions in my proposals. Again, these can always be increased or decreased
to fit your budget and needs. But keep in mind, the more you know upfront the less revisions there will be.

4. The Turnaround Time
Do you need it tomorrow? I might be able to fit your project in but that means other
projects will get pushed back and I might need to stretch my work schedule…
This is why tight deadlines may end up costing more.